Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Hello everyone!!!
Happy Halloween!!!  Good luck in trick or treat!!!

If I may make a Halloween wish, I would ask for a new pair of 7" US#6 set of double point needles in order to finish my hat.  Also, unlimited time for knitting.  Also, less back pain. Also... you name it.

Eventually, for granting my own wish, I will go to a local yarn store tomorrow for the needles.  Thinking about getting either Knit Picks, as it would always be nice to try something NEW, getting new experience.  Or perhaps,  I might get Clover Velvet as I've tried a pair of US#8 circular which impressed me unbelievably.  Let's see if anything surprising will be available too.

HAVE FUN********

Knitting Accessory Set

This is the kit that I've been using for over three years.  The accessories have been very helpful.  Plus, it was a very good deal. 

Though the plastic zipped bag is tiny, it contains almost everything (besides the protagonist of knitting, the NEEDLES)

 And now, the zip of the bag no longer works, I will probably get a replacement. 
 Hmm..probably not a transparent one. 

My favourite parts are these:

Row counter

Knitting Needle Gauge

Measure Tape

New knitting book!!!

Can't wait to share.  This is a knitting pattern book that I just got a few hours ago.

 Titled "Hand Knit Story", this lovely book is the third volume of the same series.  
To be honest. I also buy this book because of the model.

 Her name is Getter.  Sorry, I should give credit to the group of designers first.  
Anyway, the poncho on the cover is surely the killer pattern.  I do need to squeeze some time for this big project (Of course it is worth the time) .  
As usual, I wrapped this book in plastic.  See how much I value this book.....
About the patterns, they are 90% for knitting.  Only two works are for crochet.  And these patterns include snood, poncho, mitten, sweater, hat, etc, all previous.  If I may suggest, I would say the patterns are not for beginner. 

Happy knitting and 
Happy Halloween!!!!! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hi Knitters,

I saw this antique-like scarf in a displayed in a public children's library. It was a exhibition about Cinderella's originality.
Just think that it looks beautiful, (but probably dirty) and would like to share with you all.

Well, I do not recall if the wicked stepmother or the ugly sisters ever command Cinderella to knit....

Winter is Coming!!!

Hi knitters!

I'm current knitting hat, which requires some technique for knitting cable, which is my first work of this winter.

WINTER IS COMING!!! Though I don't live in Winterfell, I do feel the need of warming up my hands.

It is a kid size hat.  I casted on 138 stitches.  26 stitches in one group.  

This to-be-a-hat is made of 100% wool yarn.  Made in Japan.  I bought the yarn last year in Ichibankan.  Too bad they no longer have online shopping services.