Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hat Pattens from All About Knitting

Hi folks,

Here is the pattern book I followed to knit the hats below:

There are more beautiful patterns from this collection.  Again, this is a Taiwanese Publishing.  All patterns are written in Traditional Chinese.  Models are from Western world (At first I thought it's a translation from western knitting world.  But no, it's not) And the most wonderful thing for me, as I learnt my knitting skills first from English written and visual instructions, is that it includes a table of translations of knitting terms.  I am sure it will be helpful for the future.  Awesome job!!!!!  

One thing I'm not too happy about is that the editors did not double-check.  Some instructions and number of rows are not clearly explained and they are misleading.  

Anyway it does no harm to my adoration to the patterns in All About Knitting.  They are all lovely.  The skills required are for intermediate level knitters.  


First pair of Hand Warmers

Hi Knitters,

I'm so happy to tell you that I finally finished my first pair of hand warmers.  It was not as easy as I thought.  But, I DID IT!!!!  hohoho...

This is a pattern from Hand Knit Story.  I have mentioned this new book from Japan in the following entry:

I really LOVE this book.  

Back to the hand warmers. The ribbing and cable parts were not difficult, just that you have to read through the whole pattern carefully.  I used US #6 (4.0mm) double pointed needles for this project.  And this time I chose Lion Brand Baby yarn, color No. 184, Melon.  In fact the skein was a left over.  I knitted a baby beanie with it and still...a lot was left.

The above pic shows how much has been left after knitting this pair of hand warmers.  Let me check the original yardage: 459

The hardest part for this project was, as many of your have experienced, knitting the thumb.  Picking-up was not easy.  I undid it once and tried again.  Still not 100% satisfied.  Maybe I should have try to knit a mitten or hand warmer with bigger size needles.  Anyway, I went through this journey and glad that I've learnt a good lesson.

Happy Knitting

Sunday, November 25, 2012

YouTube Tutorial for Op. 2

Hi knitters,

How is the long weekend?  I am very satisfied with Black Friday shopping this year.  I am also very happy to announce that a tutorial video is accomplished and posted on YouTube.  

Yes, now I have a YouTube channel.  Tutorials which are helpful for the patterns available in this blog will be posted.   The first one will be a tutorial for Op. 2 scarf.

Happy Knitting! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Doggy style

Hi knitters,

Just checked out a book called Knit Your Own Dog from library.  Published in 2011, this stylish knitting book contains patterns of 25 Pedigrees.  The dogs are just awesome, though not all of them resemble the real ones.

The majority of them requires US #2 double pointed needles as tool.  Rowan, I suppose, maybe the sponsor for this book publishing as various of Rowan yarns are the materials for the knitted dogs.  The instructions are rather clear and inspirational.  Looping will be one big lesson we can learn from this book as there are several ways of loop techniques for different pedigrees.  Cool.

If you ask me which one is my favorite from Knit Your Own Dog, my answer would be the English Bulldog.  The photographs are just stunning.  The bull shows affection towards knitters.....And I could recognize the pedigree with just one glace. 

My favorite pedigrees in real life are Malamute and Cocker Spaniel.  Disappointingly speaking, the previous one is not available in the book and the later does not resemble the image of Cocker as I expect.  

Anyway, Knit Your Own Dog is a must have book for dog lovers and so-want-to-be dog owner.  
I'm trying to squeeze some time to knit one dog.  Hm.... Still working on a pair of hand warmers.

Happy Knitting and LOVE YOUR PETS

Few minutes later...

Just found out the pattern for the English Bulldog is available for free as an except online:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Knitting a cable hat while watching X-files

Hi Knitters,

It took me quite some time to knit this cable hat.  I admit that I was distracted by Agent Mulder and Agent Scully's investigation, and redo several rows of this hat. was all fun.

This hat is a good practice for cable knitting as well as left-side decrease and right-side decrease.  I used U.S. #7 for the ribbing.  If I didn't do Norwegian knit and purl, the ribbing would be tighter.  Then I used use US. #9 double point needles for the rest.  

The pattern is from a knitting book published in Taiwan called "All about Knitting".  Instruction written in Traditional Chinese.  There are many wonderful hat patterns in this book.  However, a I noted before, the editor should have double checked the instructions.  Luckily I figured something out and did the math by myself.

The reason I had the above pic zoomed is that I want to show you this: I have the tapestry needle go thru odd number of stitch in the first round and even number stitch when I sewed the head edge of the hat.  It is one technique that can be used when you think the number of the ending stitches are just too many.  I just wanna try and see how things go.  It is good.  And this time I didn't knot it too tight.  Yeah...

Not bad isn't it.
The cable hat looks even nicer with the bottom fold up.    Oh, I almost forgot to mention.  This hat is knitted with the Ichibankan worsted yarn I blogged previously.

The X-files theme music composed by Mark Snow is still ringing in my head.  I'm up to Season 2, 7 more to go.   Anyhow, I will continue working on an original pattern.

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Worsted yarn from Japan

Hi guys,

Cute label huh... This is the yarn that I used to knit for the main pattern of Op. 1.

They are totally awesome.  Worsted, warm, 100% wool and easy to knit.  Compare to the ones I knitted for the first hat shown in this blog, they are not that soft.  (well, they are worsted)  I'm not sure if they are good for sweater.  The price was outrageously LOW.  $1.5/ skein.  Wow...

As the label suggests, I would say US #8 or 9 would be the best choices of tool.  What is it good for?  You may wanna check out the free scarf pattern here:

I'm currently knitting a hat with this yarn.  Just finished 1/4 of it.  Yeah, I do like to have something finished quick. 

I was hoping this yarn will be available this year.  Did check two weeks ago in Ichibankan.  Nothing interesting available.  May try again.

Happy Knitting

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Op. 2

Hello knitters

Here is Op. 2.  A scarf that is made of ONE-ROW pattern.  Easy, yet beautiful.  Well, of course it's due to the colorfulness of Noro Yarn from Japan.  

Width:          20 cm
Length:         170 cm

1 1/2 Skeins              Noro's Kochoran       Color No 81

US# 15 needles


Cast On  24 stitches  (Multiple of 3)

Repeat these 2 steps for the whole row. 
1) With yarn in front, slip one stitch purl wise.  
2) With yarn in front, knit 2 stitches together.  

Repeat until you reach desired length.

Cast Off all 24 stitches.

Copyright 2012 by

As you can see from the pictures, the stitches of this beautiful scarf are loose as I used big needles to knit with yarn that is best knitted with US # 8-10.  This is a fast project for whom would like to make a woolly present in last minutes.  I hope you enjoy knitting it and stay cozy. 


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Op. 1

Dear Knitters,

Here is one of the scarf I made earlier this year.  The techniques required to knit this beautiful scarf is easy and simple.  All you need to know is how to:

Cast on
Cast Off

Easy and simple.

4 skeins             Ichibankan,  Hitsujichan  color #2
2/3  skein          Noro,  Taiyo color# 11

US #8 Needles

210 cm

14 cm for the ribbing
19 cm for the main body

Overall structure:

Cast on 32 stitches with Taiyo Yarn

Ribbing :  <P2, K2>            X8
Repeat the same row for 66 rows.

Change yarn to  Ichibankan's Hitsujichan

Section A x3
Section B x3, skip Row 7 to 8 for the 3rd time
Section A x3
Section B x3, skip Row 7 to 8 for the 3rd time
Section A x3
Section B x3, skip Row 7 to 8 for the 3rd time
Section A x3
Section B x3

Change yarn to  Noro's Taiyo

Ribbing :  <P2, K2>            X8
Repeat the same row for 66 rows.

Bind Off all 32 stitches.


Section A
Row 1:     <P2, K6>             X4
Row 2:     <P6, K2>             X4
Row 3:     <K2, P2, K4>       X4
Row 4:     <P4, K2, P2>       X4
Row 5:     <K4, P2, K2>       X4
Row 6:     <P2, K2, P4>       X4
Row 7:     <K6, P2>             X4
Row 8:     <K2, P6>             X4

Section B

Row 1:     <K4, P2, K2>       X4                             
Row 2:     <P2, K4, P2>       X4
Row 3:     <K2, P2, K4>       X4
Row 4:     <P4, K2, P2>       X4
Row 5:     <P2, K6>             X4
Row 6:     <P6, K2>             X4
Row 7:     <K6, P2>             X4
Row 8:     <K2, P6>             X4

Copyright 2012 by


I hope you guys like this scarf and enjoy knitting.  If you don't find it troublesome to do so, clicking the icon on the right side and shop at would be the best compliment for my work.  I may get a small part of your purchase as commission, as it will make no difference in your total amount of purchase.

Thank you again.  And 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yarn Dreams: Malabrigo Waffles Scarf

Yarn Dreams: Malabrigo Waffles Scarf: I loooove this scarf. It is so incredibly soft and comfy, plus long enough to wrap around my neck and wide enough cover my nose to keep...

Waffle Scarf

Hi knitters,

I've just posted blog where the original pattern is written.

Here is a scarf I knitted a year ago.  You really can't tell by looking at the stunning pattern that the technique required is rather simple. 

All you need to know is how to:

Cast on
Cast off

I didn't do blocking.  So it kind of curl on the sides.  And I made it with 

Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool, color Natural with U.S. #9 needles (5.5mm)

What's shown is the left over.

For me, this knitting project was wonderful for practicing Norwegian knit and purl as it requires ribbing for first two rows.

Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Takumi Velvet needles

I love Takumi Velvet needles.  The price of it is a bit more than the Takumi, but it is definitely worth the price.  (Velvet will be called for Takumi Velvet and Takumi for the original Takumi for the rest of the blog for convenience's sake)  The pair of circular needles was bought for a year in a yarn store in San Mateo.  I used this pair to knit a few scarfs and a hat already, and I'm very satisfied with it.

Velvet is polished even more profoundly than the Takumi, thus it makes Velvet more smooth to knit with.  The cord is made of a tougher material, which can hold your knits which weight more.   

For beginners, I would say Takumi would be a better choice:  it is lower in price, and easy to knit with.  Velvet , in my opinion, is made for more experienced knitters, who would like to speed up the knitting a little.

Interestingly, Velvet is not commonly obtainable in yarn stores.  Are they still too new to the US market?  Or is there a problem in supply?  

Monday, November 5, 2012

What should I do with these Rowan yarns?

As I mentioned in previous blog, I got some Rowan  Felted Tweed Aran yarns from a local yarn store.  In fact, when I was about to purchase them, I still had not decided what to knit.  Well, my brain was not blank; indeed I had too many ideas.  

I got four dark violet skeins and three pebble, so 7 in total, should be enough to make a adult size scarf.  

This yarn is made of 50% Merino Wool, 25% Alpaca and 25%Viscose.  Each weighted 50 g, 95 yardages in length.  It's good for US#8, 5mm needles.  Though it's a British brand, this particular,gorgeous yarn is made in Italy.

Well, the name of this yarn suggests doing aran, cable knitting with it.  Hm....let me think about it.  The reason I picked these two colors is that I think I can make something with them together very nice.  How do you like the color matching?

Anyway, my friends living in the US, should have one extra hour for knitting.

Take good care.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Local Yarn Store

Yesterday I went to a local yarn store to buy a set of save-my-life #6 needles and "accidentally", I got some yarns too.

Yes, now you know I live in area code (415) area....

Anyway, this lovely neighborhood store does not only sell a huge collection of yarn and quite a comprehensive collection of knitting-related products, for which requires space of two regular stores; they provide compostable bags too, for only10 cent.
(too bad I'm still not used to bring my own shopping bag) For their eco-friendly conscience, I will surely come back soon. 

It's winter time. I hope everybody stay cozy.  
And don't forget to support local business.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mission completed

Finally I've finished this work.  I believe the tip is supposed to be a bit sharper.  I followed the instruction loyally, however, it does not look like what's in the photo of the pattern book.   Did I do something wrong?   Also, I found some mistakes in the instruction too.  Not 100% satisfied with this work.

Still it is a nice hat.  I will save it and collect some other baby hats to donate to Save the Children.  I hope someone will be benefited from it.

The knitting of this baby hat required a lot of cable knitting practices.  It was fun making it.

Oh, about the needles.  Since what I was looking for was not available in the store, I got a set of Knitter' Pride "dreamz".

I am happy about the needles.  They quality is good, price reasonable.  The matter that the tips are quite sharp which impresses me too.  There is only one thing I don't like about it:  it is made in 6" long.  I desire 6 1/2" or 7" that makes knitting bigger hat easier.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Only knit and purl?

Though this volume of Vogue Stitchionary is titled "Knit & Purl", it does not imply any boredom, but a gradual learning opportunity from very basic knitting technique to various advanced techniques.  

As we can see from the content, some lace patterns, bobbles, and even entrelac,  are included.  All instructions for the patterns are given clearly in text format, totally 265 patterns. many choices in the world! I'm eternally grateful. 

I guess if you are looking for a great collection of "knit and purl solely" patterns, you need to do a lot of research.  In this volume of Stitchionary, you will find "knit and purl solely" patterns in the "Knit and Purl" as well as in "Travelling" and "Unusual" sections.  Some of them are classics, some of them innovative.  You will be (I was) paralyzed by the pictures of the pattern.  

Thanks for reading and 
Happy Knitting.