Thursday, November 1, 2012

Only knit and purl?

Though this volume of Vogue Stitchionary is titled "Knit & Purl", it does not imply any boredom, but a gradual learning opportunity from very basic knitting technique to various advanced techniques.  

As we can see from the content, some lace patterns, bobbles, and even entrelac,  are included.  All instructions for the patterns are given clearly in text format, totally 265 patterns. many choices in the world! I'm eternally grateful. 

I guess if you are looking for a great collection of "knit and purl solely" patterns, you need to do a lot of research.  In this volume of Stitchionary, you will find "knit and purl solely" patterns in the "Knit and Purl" as well as in "Travelling" and "Unusual" sections.  Some of them are classics, some of them innovative.  You will be (I was) paralyzed by the pictures of the pattern.  

Thanks for reading and 
Happy Knitting.

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