Sunday, May 19, 2013

Encore! Sublime Extrafine Merino yarn in YELLOW!!!!

Hi Knitters,

I'm working on Op. 10 scarf right now.  The first half is made up by Noro Yarn and Patons Yarn. Just finished the first half of it. Wanna preview?

Op. 10, as I promised, knitted with the yarn ball "arranged" from a skein of Noro's Iroha.  Made of 50% of wool, 40% of silk and 10% of Nylon, Iroha in purple gave me a sense of warmth.  But I didn't sweat due to knitting it continuously for 2 hours.   Happy with that during so-called summer time in bay area.    Too bad I only got one skein of it.  I do like the yarn just the way I like other Noro yarn.  

The milky part you can see is made of Patons Moorland Shetland D.K.  Absolutely  yarn for cold weather. 

In the second half of Op. 10 scarf, I will knit with my beloved Sublime yarn.

Just a friendly reminder, I used sublime yarn in pink to knit Op. 8 scarflet.  

This time I will work with yellow color.  Shall I call it mustard? ??
Sublime yarn is just as gorgeous as usual.  So silky and soft to touch; so easy to knit with; so adorable to keep your eyes on....  Magnificent.  It's not only good for kids, adults will love it too....I just adore the colorways of this yarn.  Compared to Noro's Iroha, Sublime is much lighter in weight.  

Op. 10 is coming soon.  Stay in tune and


Thursday, May 16, 2013

K2tog = Knit two stitches together

Hi Knitters

K2tog is the abbreviaiton for 'knit 2 stitches together'.  Doing K2tog results in decreasing a stitch in a row.  For example, if you do K2tog twice for a row that has 10 stitches in it.  In the next row, you will only have 8 stitches.

In this YouTube following video, I will demonstrate how to do K2tog.

In Japanese, K2tog is also refered as 左上二目一度 (hitari-ue-futa-me-ichi-do).  It implies that K2tog is better used to decrease the number of stitch on the left side of the knit.  Well, let's look at the end result.  Pay attention to the direction the stitch leans on.

In English, we have the short form for knitting 2 stitches together.  In Japanese graph, which is quite commonly used in other countries too, a graph like this is used.

K2tog is the easiest way to decrease the number of stitch.  If there is not specific requirement for other method, K2tog is always my choice.

Knowing how to do K2tog enable us to do A LOT....
Including decrease the stitches in Op. 8 Scarflet.

Anyway, I filmed three tutorials in a row.  Will post the other two very soon.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

M1=Make One Stitch.

Hi Knitters,

Today I am going to introduce the easiest way to make a stitch.  To make a stitch, we will increase the number of stitch.  For example, if we have 10 stitches in the row, after making one stitch, there will be 11 stitches in the next row.

M1 is the abbreviation for 'make 1';  'making one stitch'.

Just like decreasing, there are more than one way to increase the number of stitch.  The method introduced here is easy to learn.

With your left needle, pick up the yarn in between the stitches on both needles, then knit on this 'fake stitch'.

And here is a YouTube tutorial I did for you guys:

Please note that doing M1 like this results in making hole. 

 And this effect is useful and demanded in knitting Op. 8 Scarflet.  

Hope it helps.  And I will continue making more knitting tutorials.