Thursday, November 26, 2015

Free Pattern for the holiday season 2016 ~ Baby Hat Op. 22

Dear knitters,

Hope you have a cozy holiday.  I'm planning to have a hot pot party with wine, beef and lots of mushrooms.  Yeah..not turkey...not a fan.  How about yours?

Today I'm gonna share a hat pattern with you all.  I've finished this baby hat long ago, and had the manuscript of it.  However, due to heavy coursework load, I was not able to edit and post it online.  I don't even have the label of the tweed yarn anymore.  If you can tell me what brand it is, it would be wonderful.  Anyhow, the yarn I used for the part for ribbing was bought in Ichiban Kan a few years ago for a dollar each ball.  

Here is the pattern of Op. 22.  Hope you like it.

Material:      Yarn in two different colors.  Yarn A for ribbing, no less than 40 yardages. 
                     Yarn B for Main pattern and Decreasing, no less than 180 yardages.  

Tools:         US #5 (3.75mm) Double-pointed needlesUS #7 (4.5mm)    
                    US #7 (4.5) Double-pointed needles

Size:            Fits head of 24 - 26cm circumstances

Gauge:       28 stitches X 35 rows = 10cm X 10cm



K                     =  Knit
P                      =  Purl
K…                 =  Knit the whole round
K5                   =  Knit 5 stitches
P3                    =  Purl 3 stitches
X20                 =  Repeat 10 times
X40                 =  Repeat 40 times
k2tog               =  Knit 2 stitches together
kfb                   = Knit front and back
R1                    = Round 1



With Yarn A
Cast on 80 stitches with U.S. #5 double-pointed needles 

<K2, P2> X20   for 10 rounds.

Change to U.S. #7 double-pointed needles 

With Yarn B

K… for 2 rounds.


R1:      <k2tog> X 40

R2:      <kfb> X40

R3:      K…

R4:      K…

R5:      K…

R6:      K…

R7:      <k2tog> X40

R8:      <kfb> X40

R9:      K…

R10:    K…

Repeat  Pattern R1-10  4 times.


R1:      <k2tog> X40

R2:      <kfb X3, K1> X5

R3:      K…

R4:      K…

R5:      K…

R6:      K…

R7:      k2tog X 35

R8:      <kfb X4, K1> X7                                                          (63 stitches)

R9:      <k2tog X2, K1> X21                                                    (42 stitches)

R10:    k2tog X 21                                                                     (21 stitches)

R11:    K…                                                                                 (21 stitches)

R12:    <K2tog, K1> X7                                                             (14 stitches)

It should results in 14 stitches remaining.  Bind off.


I would recommend this pattern to "almost intermediate" knitters.  It is a quick knit.  If you think the gauge of this hat is a bit too tight, feel free to use US #8 (5.0 mm) double pointed needles instead of US#7 .  Hope it will cheer up your holidays.  

There is another hat that I knitted long ago.  I couldn't find the manuscript of the pattern.  Just call it Op. 23.   It was made with Mochi Plus yarn in two colorways.  1 balls for the main pattern and a few yardages for the ribbing part should do it.  As you can see, it requires some simple cable knitting skills.  Anyhow,  here is a pic of it. 

Happy knitting!!!  And see you guys soon...Perhaps on YouTube?