Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bobby Blue 100% Merino

Hi Knitters,

I'm so happy to have a chance to try my hands on the very popular Malabrigo yarn.  This skein is a 100% merino yarn.  So SOFT..... Now I know why people love this yarn so much.

The softness of this yarn makes me decide to knit on a stitch pattern that I didn't do before, something suitable for intermediate knitters, requires k2tog, yo, sl1, and psso....Sounds chanllenging?  I promise you will totally immerse yourself into knitting with this yarn.  

Among the various choices of color, I picked the one I love so much, Aqua.  But the yarn company  cutely name it Bobby Blue. Funny.

But before knitting, I need to make the skein into a ball.  Honestly, I hate doing it!!!!!

Almost forgot to mention:  This yarn is kettle dyed.  
Anyway, Op. 11 hat is on the go! Go go Bobby!!!


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