Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daisy Cloche: Book Review on Literary Knits

Hi people,

What a good day! Just checked out several knitting relevant books from public library.  Literary Knits is one of them.

Speaking of literature, I found out I've only read a few of the inspirations of this pattern collection.  Call of the Wild and Wuthering Heights are two of them.  By clicking the titles, you will be linked to Project Gutenberg and can start reading instantly.

Back to Literary Knits.    What I love most about this book is the clear explanation of the overall structure of the patterns.  The author spends a lot of pages to get the reader understand the whole process of knitting, reinforced by pictures and texts.  With large fonts and sufficient amount of photos to explain, everything is cleared up. Yo Ho!   Some advanced skills like 2-color Latvian braid and making interior pockets are well instructed, you won't get lost.    Thanks to the author, Kikol Lohr, there are also useful tips and tricks provided too. They may become handy for my design too.  

By now you should understand: none of patterns included in this collection is for beginner knitter.   Well, if you are a beginner, please check for something easier like 

Look at the beautiful cloche.  Oh Daisy... "Her voice is full of money".  I haven't read the Great Gatsby novel, but I've watched the Robert Redford version movie.  Will watch the latest one too.  

Besides the Daisy Cloche, Katherine's Bed Socks inspired "hauntingly" by Wuthering Heights is my fav.  Well, mainly because I'm a big fan of the book.  

One more thing I love about the author is her willingness to share what she knows.  There is a section called iKnit where the author talks about some apps she uses with iPad.  Very interesting.

To sum up, Literary Knits is a very well structured knitting pattern collection aims for novel lovers and intermediate knitters who is already quite knowledgable about knitting.  

Before finishing this blog, I'm more than happy to tell you that EatingLemonKnitKnitKnit Facebook page is on now!  

Go read! Go knit!

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