Saturday, June 29, 2013

Decoding PSSO: How to Pass Slipped Stitch(es) Over

Hi people,

Today I'm glad to talk about one of the most useful technique for knitting: psso.

Psso, a.k.a. Pass slipped stitch over.  By taking it literally, what we know is that there is one slipped stitch involved.  What we don't know is how many stitches follow the slipped stitch. 

Well, that's exactly why psso, though easy to do, also easy to become tricky.  Oh...mystery...

But don't panic.  Let's decode psso together by taking a look at some examples.

Sometimes there may be one stitch that follows the slipped stitch .  What should we do as the instruction goes like <sl1, K1, psso>?  This means after slipping one stitch, knit 1 stitch, then pass the slipped stitch over the knitted one.    Well then, in this case,  how many stitches are involved?  

The answer is 2.  Good job.  

Sometimes there may be 2 stitches that follow the slipped stitch.  e.g. <sl1, K2, psso>.  In this case, you have to pass over two knitted stitches with your slipped stitch.  And in this case, three stitches are involved.  Hope you get the idea by now.

Certainly there are more combos that requires psso in the world.  But still, all you need to know is to follow instruction carefully.  

And now we talk about HOW to do psso. (finally.....^____^ll)

Some key points you need to bear in mind while doing psso:

  1. Pick up the slipped stitch by inserting the LEFT needle 
  2. The left needle goes from 7 o'clock position to 1 o'clock position. 
  3. Pass the picked-up stitch over whatever on the right needle from RIGHT to LEFT 
  4. Keep what follows the slipped stitch remain on the right needle.   DON'T DROP it (or them) .
It might seem a bit complicated.  But in actuality, no....I did a YouTube tutorial for psso to  have the above main points carried out.  For this demonstration,  I use the <sl1, K1, psso> combo. 

As psso can be part of whole lots of varieties.  That's why it's essential.  A perfect exercise that cry for psso is Op. 11.   

I hope the content of this blog as well as the video will become handy for you.  Questions?  Feel free to leave comment here or on fb page.


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