Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wolffy knitting idea for this Fall: VOGUEknitting Early Fall 2013 Review

Hi Knitters,

Happpy Summer!  Though it's summer, it's not too late to prepare and choose a big knitting project for this fall.  I do have some ideas.  And I got them from VOGUEknitting Early Fall.

Last weekend I went to Safeway for grocery.  When I was looking at the jam shelf, something next to it  caught my attention.  It was a  National Geographical Kids Special with ANGRY BIRDS.  And next to it, VOGUEknitting Early Fall 2013.  I ended up getting both of them.  WEE.....

The majority of the patterns of this issue of VOGUEkniting is for sweater.   My favorite is a pullover with a vivid wolf pattern in front and a wide boatneck.  And the color is pretty cool and match my skin color.  I am considering knitting a small size of this pattern for myself.  Well, I haven't knitted anything for myself for a long..long...time.  Let's see if I can squeeze something for that.  I wish....

Besides the wolf pattern, there are also tiger, fox, bird, cat, and reindeer patterns...Wow...  That is included in the Urban Jungle section.

There is also a series of baseball jackets available in this issue of VOGUEknitting.  Cool.  

I really dislike instructions that are squeezed in a few pages.  Luckily, the editors of  VOGUEknitting did a very good job for the layout.  Knitting instructions are well typed in the last pages of the magazine.  There are enough space between lines of text and it makes them easy to read.  Thank you!

VOGUEknitting does not only contain knitting patterns.  There are also tons of advertisement and some articles about some technique issue on knitting as well as on dying.  Seven books reviewed in this issue by Leslie Petrovski.   A book called "The Knitter's Palette" me a lot.   I may get this book soon....It seems useful for designers.

Anyway, the copy of VOGUEknitting Early Fall 2013 I got is International edition.  It costs $6.99 US dollars.  Price reasonable.  Patterns beautiful and they are aimed for intermediate and advanced knitters.  I guess that's the end of this magazine review.


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