Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Knitting for Save the Children

Hi Knitters,

Today I'm gonna chat about Save the Children in Korean.  Why?  Because they made knitting such a beautiful thing.  

First of all, what does Save the Children do? Save the Children in Korean, Hong Kong, and Australia encourage citizens to knit baby hat for babies in developing countries like Napel. According to Save the Children Hong Kong,

"Newborn babies suffering from heat loss due to lack of warmth on the heads are likely to be more susceptible to infecting pneumonia."

Basically what we need to do is to KNIT. Isn't that exactly what we live for? These organizations do not collect hat until winter.  So, if we start knitting for them today, we will probably have a few.  

In fact, the yarn we need for knitting a baby hat is not that much.  Leftover will always be enough.  So I would say, you really need to pay for anything if you are already a knitter.

Though I am a big big fan of Brown Eyed Girls, I know nothing about Korean the language.  But the above video is quite easy to understand by just watching it carefully.  Of course you can replay and replay...And I'm sorry.  I don't know lots of Korean drama.  Anybody know about the star in this video?  His name is Yoochun.  This campaign is back in 2012.  Winter is coming.  I wonder who is the star representative for 2013.  

The method used in this video is not circular knitting.  Just knit straight with knitting needles with long cord.  Then connect the two sides by sewing.  I've never done this before.  Will try it someday.  

I'm not sure if Save the Children in U.S. have a knitting campaign like this.  Usually I will just collect them and bring them to Hong Kong when I go back home.  Yes. I'm from HK.  But surely there are lots of charity that needs help from knitters in the U.S.  Please feel free to provide info in our comment section.  Thank you.  


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