Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Unbeatable Great Deal~ Combly Sampler Set Review Part 1

Hi knitters,

I'm so impressed by the fast delivery of my Combly Sampler Set.  I ordered it on July 4th and I could test the needles yesterday the 8th.  Don't forget that it was holiday....

The whole package came with two layers of cover and very well protected.  Impressed again.  

The package come with:

A plastic bag with a few pockets for the set
Symfonie Dreamz IC US #6 (4.0mm)   (IC stands for Interchangeable Cord)
Cubics IC US #7 (4.5mm)
Nova IC US #8 (5.0mm)
2 Cords : 24"(60cm) & 40"(100cm)
4 End Caps
2 Cord Keys

This package costs less than $25 US dollars.  Now you know why I call it a great deal.  The bag is made of thick plastic with one button; OK, I don't fancy a nice hard cover.

And now, let's take a look at the Nova IC in US #8 (5.0mm)  And here is a petit swatch I did with them.

I'm surprised by the light weight of the needles.  Exceptionally light.  And it is because they are made with hallow brass and plated with nickel.  I feel quite comfortable with that as the bigger the size go up, the heavier they are supposed to be.  They are size #8 and weight like #4.  Nice. The tips are quite sharp and made like lace needles.  I always prefer sharp tips as I do a lot of k2tog and picking.  

The surfaces of this set of Nova are quite well polished.  But somehow they got scratched easily and look like they can be worn out soon.  As long as they perform well, I am fine. And I believe they are good for fast knitting as the stitches do glide smoothly.  Will see how they endure: daughter of time will show up. 

Next, we will take a look at the Interchangeable cords.  Let's split it into two sections: joint and the cord.  

By twisting, the needle joins the cord.  It works quite well and quite smooth for the knitting stitches to go thru. It proves that the technology of interchangeable needles are advancing in fast pace. Good thing to know how science works for knitting.  

One thing I do worry about the joint:   Twisting the joints frequently will loosen them up. I guess that's why we need a cord key, which is eventually a thin needle.  What you do with the key is to insert the key into the hole while you twist, then you can get the joints tightened up.  Thanks for being considerate Knitter's Pride.

About the cord, I would like to discuss it later as I would like to have it tested while I can have the cord function in full: to have some stitches lay on them.  Thinking of do an experiment with knitting a cowl.  

Well, for now, let's talk about something unpleasant.

As the picture shows, the Ear Cap is not well manufactured.  I don't like it.  But I've tested them.  They do function well.  So, at this price $,  I will let it pass.  If you need the needles to work on another project, you can have the stitches lay on the cord, and replace the needles with the Ear Caps.  Yes, again by twisting, you will have the End Caps protect the stitches from dropping from the cord.

Sorry folks, let's end Part 1 of the review here.  I would like to have Op. 12 done first.  It's almost done.  Part 2 of the review will cover mainly on the Cubics IC.  I'm excited too.  Stay tuned and 



P.S.  The joint broke twice yesterday when I knitted a try-out of Op. 13.  Well, I didn't tightened it up with the key.  So I guess I will give it a third chance.  07/14/13

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