Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day 2013!

Happy July 4th everybody,

I'm so happy to make two announcements:

1)   I bought 3 balls of yarn for only $22.72 yesterday.  Tax included. Wahahahahaha
2)   By typing in "2013JULY4THYEAH" as the coupon code to get any one of my pattern in Etsy,   you will get a 40% off.  Yo ho!!!  Expires on July 5th 2013.

 One of the three balls I got is a ball of intense rainbow color powered up by hope instantly.  

Yes, as you can see, this is Mochi Plus yarn from Crystal Palace Yarns. Spun in Taiwan.  But I don't know where the wool came from.   There are also Mochi Mini and Chucky Mochi available in different weights.   By the way, first time dealing with Taiwanese yarn.  

This ball of yarn is made of 80% of Merino Wool and 20% of Nylon.  And knitters are told that the knit made of Mochi Plus is ok with both hand wash and machine wash.    Well, dear knitters, I insist on hand wash.  I consider it in a very reasonable price for its modest softness and stunning sharpness of appearance.  Will tell you more about this yarn once I start working.

With one ball of Mochi Plus, I will probably make a quick baby hat.  Not confirmed yet. 

The "busy" model of these picture is my dear white cat.  Haha, now you know why I have never knitted with black yarn.    And no, she's not Mochi, the follow guest is the real Mochi:

Anyhow, whenever you are not too busy in knitting,  come visit my facebook page for updates and more fun.  


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