Thursday, August 1, 2013

Magic~ First try on Magic Loop / Comply Sample Set Review Part 2

Once upon a time, there is a magic spell called Magic Loop.  Who ever tried on challenging the Magic Loop would never be able to knit with double pointed needles or regular circular needles again.  There was no return...........

Do you believe in this myth?

Due to my slow learning pace and lack of courage, it took me quite a while to get the idea and try on knitting the Magic Loop.  The official inventor is Sarah Hauschka.

However, it was said the idea of Magic Loop is actually derived from knitting with 2 circular needles.   And please forgive me, I forgot the name of the the smart lady.

Anyhow, the basic concept of knitting in Magic Loop "style" is to separate the total number of stitches into two and keep these two sections apart on circular needles with long cords.  The cord is suggested to be at least 40 inches long.  It is not difficult as it seems.  I used a few stitch markers to help me.  Long cord worked much better.  This time I only did one hat.  We can actually knit two items all at once.  Hmm..I will try it next time.

I Will talk Magic Loop more profoundly once I master it.  

This time I knit with the Knitter's Pride Interchangeable needles with US #7 and #8 needles.  And I was very happy with the Cubics.  The actual size of Cubics, which is US#7 in this set, is smaller than regular needles of the same size.  And in my opinion, the stitches results in smaller than regular.  Well, that may due to my inexperience of using it and my inconsistent gauge.  Or it is as the official description of the Cubics :  they are very good for knitting uniform stitch.  Hmm.. that means they are very good for Fair Isle.  Good news!  If you want to have a regular #7 gauge, try one size up.  

Not 100% sure.  But do I find it comfortable holding the needles for the 'The cuboid shape in square cross-section"?  Yes I do.  They are not difficult to handle as I assumed once I got used to them. The needles are made of rosewood.  Pretty light in weight. Not as light as Nova though.

The quality of the cords is best tested with Magic Loop.  Now is the time.  The cords available in this sets are 24" and 40".  They are very very flexible.  Very easy to pull.  There is no information on what material the cord is made of.  My guess is plastic.  Again, they are very good for Magic Loop.  I'm glad I tried them.  

Some updates on the joints of this set of IC.  I find that YOU HAVE TO USE THE KEY PIN.
If not, the joint will break, which leads to dropping of stitches.  It happened to me twice.  But once you lock them tight, they are ok.

To conclude, I do like this set of Comply Sample of IC.  It's a really good deal.  And I just discovered some fun way to knit which can only be done with interchangeable needles.  Will blog about this later.

Now I'm having fun knitting Irish Cables and in Magic Loop style.  Wanna know what I am making?  Stay tuned and 


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