Friday, August 2, 2013

Acrylic Reigns: Review on Uptown Worsted Yarn in Neon Yellow

Hi Knitters,

I'm now done knitting Op. 13 and would like to share with you what I think of the yarn I picked.

A few weeks ago I went to a LYS.  I was looking for something acrylic.  It was ok whether it's 100% acrylic or mix with other material.  Just wannna to be a yarn explorer.  Acrylic yarn is certainly for people with  limited budget.  I then went to have happy hour since I saved some money from buying yarn.  Hurrah!!!

Universal Yarn's Uptown Worsted was one of my pick of that day.  I was debating: should I get the hot magenta or neon yellow (please note that there was bright yellow too)?  Since I had knitted quite a few pink items, neon yellow was my choice.  And then a genius idea just pop up: Neon Yellow is the perfect color for bike riders who don't install any flash light in their bike.  Then putting something on their heads will help people noticing them.   Ride safe!

Now you know I love the color.  How about the touch?  This yarn is called worsted yarn.  And yet it is quite soft to touch.  I would say compared to acrylic + wool, this 100% acrylic yarn somehow resembles the quality of baby yarn.  And the knit is not itchy at all.  This is a good news for wool-sensitive friends.  And the appearance of this yarn is a bit shiny, despite the fact that it is in such SHARP color.  

When knitting, this Uptown Worsted yarn was a bit slippery.  If you are a beginner knitter, I don't recommend knitting with steel or aluminum needles.  Using bamboo needles would be a wiser choice.  When I unfortunately undid some of the stitches, the anti-pilling feature of this yarn helped keep the yarn in shape: you won't need to worry that the needles will frequently insert into the yarn by mistake.  I do love this quality.  To conclude, I am satisfied with Uptown Worsted and I highly recommend this yarn to beginner knitters.  Next time I may pick a mellower color way since there are more than 40 options.  

Here is a peek for the project Op. 13.  You may wonder: What the hey is EatingLemon doing with needles in 2 different sizes?  Stay tuned and your curiosity will be fulfilled. 


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