Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cosplay is fun: Review on Unofficial Harry Potter Knits

Hi knitters and cosplay fan,

I've heard about this very special issue: Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, just didn't get a chance to go to bookstore.  And one day I went to San Jose and visited Barnes and Noble.  Yeah, there are only a few mortar bookstores left.  Nice atmosphere inside the bookstore.  And of course I went to check on the magazine section.  There are not as many knitting magazine as the one in Tanforan Mall.  But something just got my attention promptly.  The YOU KNOW WHAT special...

About this special issue, I am sure not the only one reviewing it.  But here are my little thoughts that I would like to share.

My favorite pattern:
Ginny's Cardigan

This one is so adorable.  And I love the color too.  It's the one on cover.  Isn't the back of this cardigan beautiful?

Best cosplay character:
Severus Snape

He's just so easy to recognize.  And there are three knits that are presented with Severus Snape.  Dark.......

Besides all those beautiful patterns, there are two interviews in this issue.  One is with the OFFICIAL Harry Potter custom designer Jany Temime.  She mentioned something of the Ron's sweater in the Goblet of Fire the most popular sweater.  I wonder if she will have an OFFICIALl Harry Potter Knits book published in the future.  

My favorite character is Ron Weasley.  Too bad there is no knit particularly inspired by this character in this unofficial collection.   Hmmmm... 

The average level difficulty of this collection is pretty high.   They are all well crafted and designed by  amazing designers.  I would say the knits of this collection aims for intermediate and advanced knitters.  The easiest is probably the one called Modern Stripes House Scarves.  And it's very cool one too.  Nice color.

Anyway, all Harry Potter fans, go for it!  Or you've already got one....



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