Monday, November 5, 2012

What should I do with these Rowan yarns?

As I mentioned in previous blog, I got some Rowan  Felted Tweed Aran yarns from a local yarn store.  In fact, when I was about to purchase them, I still had not decided what to knit.  Well, my brain was not blank; indeed I had too many ideas.  

I got four dark violet skeins and three pebble, so 7 in total, should be enough to make a adult size scarf.  

This yarn is made of 50% Merino Wool, 25% Alpaca and 25%Viscose.  Each weighted 50 g, 95 yardages in length.  It's good for US#8, 5mm needles.  Though it's a British brand, this particular,gorgeous yarn is made in Italy.

Well, the name of this yarn suggests doing aran, cable knitting with it.  Hm....let me think about it.  The reason I picked these two colors is that I think I can make something with them together very nice.  How do you like the color matching?

Anyway, my friends living in the US, should have one extra hour for knitting.

Take good care.

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