Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Takumi Velvet needles

I love Takumi Velvet needles.  The price of it is a bit more than the Takumi, but it is definitely worth the price.  (Velvet will be called for Takumi Velvet and Takumi for the original Takumi for the rest of the blog for convenience's sake)  The pair of circular needles was bought for a year in a yarn store in San Mateo.  I used this pair to knit a few scarfs and a hat already, and I'm very satisfied with it.

Velvet is polished even more profoundly than the Takumi, thus it makes Velvet more smooth to knit with.  The cord is made of a tougher material, which can hold your knits which weight more.   

For beginners, I would say Takumi would be a better choice:  it is lower in price, and easy to knit with.  Velvet , in my opinion, is made for more experienced knitters, who would like to speed up the knitting a little.

Interestingly, Velvet is not commonly obtainable in yarn stores.  Are they still too new to the US market?  Or is there a problem in supply?  

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