Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mission completed

Finally I've finished this work.  I believe the tip is supposed to be a bit sharper.  I followed the instruction loyally, however, it does not look like what's in the photo of the pattern book.   Did I do something wrong?   Also, I found some mistakes in the instruction too.  Not 100% satisfied with this work.

Still it is a nice hat.  I will save it and collect some other baby hats to donate to Save the Children.  I hope someone will be benefited from it.

The knitting of this baby hat required a lot of cable knitting practices.  It was fun making it.

Oh, about the needles.  Since what I was looking for was not available in the store, I got a set of Knitter' Pride "dreamz".

I am happy about the needles.  They quality is good, price reasonable.  The matter that the tips are quite sharp which impresses me too.  There is only one thing I don't like about it:  it is made in 6" long.  I desire 6 1/2" or 7" that makes knitting bigger hat easier.

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