Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hat Pattens from All About Knitting

Hi folks,

Here is the pattern book I followed to knit the hats below:

There are more beautiful patterns from this collection.  Again, this is a Taiwanese Publishing.  All patterns are written in Traditional Chinese.  Models are from Western world (At first I thought it's a translation from western knitting world.  But no, it's not) And the most wonderful thing for me, as I learnt my knitting skills first from English written and visual instructions, is that it includes a table of translations of knitting terms.  I am sure it will be helpful for the future.  Awesome job!!!!!  

One thing I'm not too happy about is that the editors did not double-check.  Some instructions and number of rows are not clearly explained and they are misleading.  

Anyway it does no harm to my adoration to the patterns in All About Knitting.  They are all lovely.  The skills required are for intermediate level knitters.  


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