Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Worsted yarn from Japan

Hi guys,

Cute label huh... This is the yarn that I used to knit for the main pattern of Op. 1.

They are totally awesome.  Worsted, warm, 100% wool and easy to knit.  Compare to the ones I knitted for the first hat shown in this blog, they are not that soft.  (well, they are worsted)  I'm not sure if they are good for sweater.  The price was outrageously LOW.  $1.5/ skein.  Wow...

As the label suggests, I would say US #8 or 9 would be the best choices of tool.  What is it good for?  You may wanna check out the free scarf pattern here:

I'm currently knitting a hat with this yarn.  Just finished 1/4 of it.  Yeah, I do like to have something finished quick. 

I was hoping this yarn will be available this year.  Did check two weeks ago in Ichibankan.  Nothing interesting available.  May try again.

Happy Knitting

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