Monday, November 16, 2015

Lazy lace ~ how well can lace knitting kill time

Hi knitters,

Finally I'm done with this pattern.  It was such a long process.... I have to admit that I'm not a fast knitter.  And it was not easy to knit with #3 needles.  I bought the yarns and started the project  2 years ago (if I recollect it correctly).  I started knitting this lace scarf and stopped...and back to the lace knitting again.  2 balls of Caracara was used.  The colorway is gorgeous.  And I consider that the costs of yarn fairly low.

And perhaps because it was the first time I knitted with mohair yarn, I needed to be extra careful not to drop any stitches.  I counted the number of stitch more often just to make sure I was on the right track.  Perhaps that's what made me dropped the projects several times.

Anyway, I got this pattern when from ABCs of Knitting.  And I cast 50 stitches on.  As you can see, I'm not too skillful and definitely need more practice on knitting with fine needles.  I really hope that I can squeeze some time next year to do another lace knitting with mohair yarn.

By the way, I was glad that I got addi needles for this project.  Seriously thinking of getting the lace interchangeable set for my future.  The addi sets are now on sale on Amazon..........

A new free hat pattern will be posted very soon.  Stay tuned, stay warm and 

Happy Knitting!

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