Sunday, November 22, 2015

Shopping in Piedmont Yarn & Apparel and Getting 7 balls of yarn

Hello knitters,

Today I went to Piedmont to visit a local store.  It's called Piedmont Yarn and Apparel.  It was a local store with sufficient supply of yarn.

In the front of the store, there were some seats for knitters to try things out.  Then there were display area for the yarn selection and knitting supplies.  The yarn needles were well organized by sizes and located in some basket.  On top of each shelf, there're display that demonstrate the beauty of yarn the the craftsmanship of the staff.  

In the back, there is a small room where a knitting class was being held while I was shopping.  I really don't like to be rushed while I am shopping.  I was pleased that no one disturbed me while I was craving and touching the yarn.  The two sale representatives were both very polite and helpful.  

The prices of the yarn are reasonable, I got 5 balls of Schachenmayr's Leana (in 2 colorways) and 2 balls of Suri Brushed by Frog Tree for a total of $61.30. .   Not bad at all.  It is my first time purchasing these brands of yarn.  Will tell you more about them later.  In sum, Piedmont Yarn and Apparel is a lovely store. If I ever go to Piedmont, I will certainly go to this store again.  It's a matter of transportation.  Piedmont locals, go go go!!!

I tried to upload a "what's in my shopping bag video" and failed.  If interested, you can go to my Instagram account and take a preview.

Anyhow, stay tuned.  I will tell you about my recent project (s)...

P.S. Just found out on Ravelry that it's Suri Brushed has been discontinued.

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