Saturday, November 21, 2015

Orange Road ~ Review on Cascade 220

Hi knitters,

As I mentioned in previous blog post, I purchased three skeins of Cascade 220 and made a baby sweater.  Now I have to think about what to make of the their ball of yarn.

Cascade is made of 100 % wool. The yardage is 220 yards each. It's certainly not enough for a scarf or another sweater.  In that case, I will probably make another hat. But this time I would like to challenge myself. With a bucket of ice? No!

It was very lovely yarn, as my cat comments.  I used the left over to make a small blanket for my cat.  She loves it.  Somehow I thinks my cat (one of the three I live with now) is good at valuing the cost of yarn.  She ignored the stuff I made with acrylic yarn and adores this pattern with 100% wool. 

I don't think this wool yarn is very warm.  But it is quite soft to be touched on human skin and cat skin.  I do recommend this yarn to knit for children and pets.  

Anyhow, will share more about yarn and craft.

Happy knitting and crocheting!!!

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