Friday, September 5, 2014

What's missing in the Turbo Click set

Hi Knitters,

The above yarn bombing item is located in downtown San Mateo.  Funny?

Recently I've got a few balls of yarn.  And I'm done with my last project and continue on the lace scarf that I've been working on (over the years). Yeah....I'm just not a lace knitter, I kind of knitted and stopped, and skipped to other projects. 

This is what the lace scarf looked like.  Shall be finished soon (hehe......)

So CHUNKY is the opposite of lace.  And I got some yarn from Daiso for a quick knit, and I was about to do magic loop again...then I found out, there is NO U.S 10 1/2 (6.5mm) tips in the Addi Turbo set....AH......! HELP!

I searched online and found out it would be cheaper if I get it from local yarn store (the shipping is expensive).  I also found out the the Turbo Click set is on sale....BIG sale

See! It used to cost more than $160.  And now it's less than $130...on Amazon. I hope it's a piece of good news to you.  The reason for the big cut? I don't know.  Perhaps something new is coming up?  

So, at the end, I got my pair of tips from a local yarn store from San Mateo, and purchased some more yarn ( Trust me, it wasn't planned)

I will report more about the tips, the yarn and the lace scarf.  And I'm seriously thinking of offering some of my pattern in collection as e-pub format.  What do you think?

Anyway, hope you all enjoy your weekend and


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