Wednesday, May 15, 2013

M1=Make One Stitch.

Hi Knitters,

Today I am going to introduce the easiest way to make a stitch.  To make a stitch, we will increase the number of stitch.  For example, if we have 10 stitches in the row, after making one stitch, there will be 11 stitches in the next row.

M1 is the abbreviation for 'make 1';  'making one stitch'.

Just like decreasing, there are more than one way to increase the number of stitch.  The method introduced here is easy to learn.

With your left needle, pick up the yarn in between the stitches on both needles, then knit on this 'fake stitch'.

And here is a YouTube tutorial I did for you guys:

Please note that doing M1 like this results in making hole. 

 And this effect is useful and demanded in knitting Op. 8 Scarflet.  

Hope it helps.  And I will continue making more knitting tutorials.



  1. Nice video! I will have to add it to my library of "Helps". I always forget the proper way to M1 - so this will be great. Thanks for sharing it!