Sunday, May 19, 2013

Encore! Sublime Extrafine Merino yarn in YELLOW!!!!

Hi Knitters,

I'm working on Op. 10 scarf right now.  The first half is made up by Noro Yarn and Patons Yarn. Just finished the first half of it. Wanna preview?

Op. 10, as I promised, knitted with the yarn ball "arranged" from a skein of Noro's Iroha.  Made of 50% of wool, 40% of silk and 10% of Nylon, Iroha in purple gave me a sense of warmth.  But I didn't sweat due to knitting it continuously for 2 hours.   Happy with that during so-called summer time in bay area.    Too bad I only got one skein of it.  I do like the yarn just the way I like other Noro yarn.  

The milky part you can see is made of Patons Moorland Shetland D.K.  Absolutely  yarn for cold weather. 

In the second half of Op. 10 scarf, I will knit with my beloved Sublime yarn.

Just a friendly reminder, I used sublime yarn in pink to knit Op. 8 scarflet.  

This time I will work with yellow color.  Shall I call it mustard? ??
Sublime yarn is just as gorgeous as usual.  So silky and soft to touch; so easy to knit with; so adorable to keep your eyes on....  Magnificent.  It's not only good for kids, adults will love it too....I just adore the colorways of this yarn.  Compared to Noro's Iroha, Sublime is much lighter in weight.  

Op. 10 is coming soon.  Stay in tune and


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