Sunday, March 24, 2013

From skein to ball

Hi Knitters,

I bought a skein of Noro yarn a while ago and just decided to make something out of it.  But before the knitting, some pre work needs to be done.

What I'm talking about is the make the skein of yarn become a ball of yarn.  Otherwise, you can't knit.

And this is the way I'm using now.  Find a drawer handle with some wide.  Lucily I have a wardrode from IKEA.   Untie the skein of yarn.  Then slowly, and carefully separete the skein into a big circle.  The place the yarn on the handle.  Be patient please. 

Then find one end of the yarn and use it to wrap on your hand. (either one will do)  I usually only use four fingers and leave the thumb open.   Again, do it slowly and be PATIENT.

After a few rounds you can pull out your hand and wrap the few rounds of yarn (it doesn't look like a ball, not yet)  Keep wrapping.  Then you will see the shape of a round yarn ball coming out.  

Though it is not the only way to make yarn ball, nor is it the perfect method, it is one 'survival skill' for knitter when nobody is around you to help.  Please let me know your creative method for making yarn ball.   Oh, what an interesting topic!


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