Saturday, February 2, 2013

Save the Earth with Brittany Needles

Hi Knitters,

Trying needles of different brands is our common hobby, I'm so sure of that.  In order to finished the top part of Op. 7  hat, I got some Brittany double-pointed needles from a local yarn store.
  Made out of birch wood, the selling point of Brittany is their ambition to save the earth.  Please take a look at their statement:

All wood used by Brittany comes from strictly regulated forests or small woodland owners in the United States ensuring proper environmental logging practices and selective cutting for maximum reforestation.

As a San Franciscan, I am more than happy to use some local products.  Brittany is made in California. 

The first thing I notice is the light weight of this set of needles-energy saving, nice. somehow expected that the needles would be more well polished.  And I would like to knit with sharper tips.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed.  I hope that, in the future, that there are more advanced technology in supplies and tools making served exclusively and particularly for knitting.    

Anyhow, I am happy to know that that there are businessmen  concerned of the life of our earth.  It's never a sin to be eco-friendly.

Happy Knitting

P.S.  I just finished a hat for sale on Etsy with this set of needles.  Do feel free to check this out.  ^_________^


  1. I love the look of wooden needles. They have that old-fashioned feel.

  2. I recently bought a set of this brand DPNs. I didn't realize any of the earth-friendly elements at the time of purchase, I just really needed size 8 dpns and these are what my LYS had in stock.

      I think I am wrong about cutting trees. They do cut trees. But they are very careful on species picking. Need to change the wording in my blog. Thank you.