Monday, February 18, 2013

Op. 9 Hat Pattern

Hi Knitters,

I'm thrilled, and I hope you are thrilled to know that, the writing of Op. 9 Hat Pattern is finished and now available on Ravelry and Etsy. The following are the basic requirements and sizes.

Material: Patons Mooreland Shetland D.K. One Skein

Tools: US#6 double-pointed needles
            US#7 double-pointed needles

Size: Fits head of 52-55cm circumstances

Gauge: 22 Stitches X 24 Rows = 10cm X 10cm

The techniques required for Op. 9 are rather common for hat knitter except Knot Stitch:  Purl three stitches together, hold it; knit the same three stitches, hold it; purl the same 3 stitches, remove totally 3 stitches to the right needle.  Friendly reminder: Please don't forget to place the yarn in front while purling for the last time.

Everything else is very straightforward and stated clearly in the pattern. Op. 9 can be done with only one skein of Shetland D.K. yarn.  Yeah....I would say the finished item can fit the head of a teenage.  And the hat looks girly.  Boys, wait for me for another pattern!

The clothes used as the background is so lovely.  It costs only $1.50 plus tax and it works splendidly to make the hat stand out.  Ho Ho Ho. I also ironed the cloth before photographing.  How do you like the pics?

How about Op. 8 Scarflet Pattern?  Since the pics taken weren't not satisfying, I decided to redo the photography part.  Please bear with me for another day.  And for the Patons Moorland Shetland D.K. Yarn, I will blog for it in my next entry.

Thank you for all your support!

Happy Knitting!!!

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