Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My heart will go on with knitting: Review on Tulip's stitch markers in HEART SHAPE

Hi Knitters,

Recently I had a few trips to Asia.  It was great to explore the world and found out what knitters from the other side of the earth are up to.

When I went back to my home city Hong Kong, I went to a local yarn store in called Cheer Wool Co. Ltd in Wan Chai and got this:

Yes! Jumbo stitch markers in heart shape!!!!!!!!

Are they just lovely?  There are totally 6 of these stitch markers in the package.  They are made by Tulip, a celebrated Japanese brand that is famous for it's crochet hooks and other knitting accessories.  Elastic.  Made of polyethylene as indicated on the package.

I used two of the markers to finished a hood that was originally designed by me as a snood.  That's Op. 24.  Opus twenty-four.  

The snood was knitted with US #10 needles.  The usage of the markers were actually optional.  It was just easier to distinguish the borders on both sides and the subtle heart shape pattern in the center of the rows with the help of the markers. It was not especially easily or difficult to use the markers.  Nothing special about it except the appearance.  Yeah, you don't have to own them.  But I bet when you see them you'll just go crazy like me.  

These markers are pretty big.  You shouldn't have problem using them on needles even in US size 15 (10.0mm).  (I tested it)  Anyhow, details and pattern of Op. 24 will be blogged.  Stay tuned.  

Happy knitting!

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