Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yarn spinning service saves all my trouble ~ another visit to Nine Rubies

Hi knitters,

A few days ago I went to San Mateo for some sushi.  Then I walked to the very nice local yarn store, Nine Rubies, to pay a visit.

At that time there were a few ladies crocheting.  They were having so much fun knitting and gossiping.  I browsed around and picked up totally five skeins of yarn.  I knew I hated making yarn ball by myself, but...

The sales representative asked me if I wanted her to make the yarn ball for me.  She said, "it's out of courtesy."  What do you think I would have said?

She placed the first skein of yarn on an umbrella-like stand which was made of wood.  Then she pulled one end of the yarn to the other side.  That is the magical machine that saved all my troubles.  Once the sale representative (oh, I forgot to ask for her name) turn on the button of the machine, It started spinning.

It was fun watching the operation of it.  Totally it took about 18 minutes for making five balls of yarn.

If you wanna know what I bought this time, stay tuned and



  1. That is just awesome! I have a swift and baller, but it's still a bit of a chore to wind my balls. Some yarn just fights you! Sounds like you had a fun trip to the yarn store!

    1. Thank you! I was such exceptional experience. It was super fun to watch...for the first 10 mins. Then I get a bit tired...
      I really like the way they display the accessories and the knit. It just makes you want to sit down and knit.