Thursday, January 17, 2013

Op. 6 Scarf Pattern

Hi knitters

I'm glad to announce that scarf Op. 6 is done and the pattern is now available for free.

Op. 6 is a three-section scarf.  Though it's knitted with a combo of three different yarns in terms of color and texture, with three different stitch patterns for each sect, hand making  Op. 6 is in no mean technically difficult.  It's not for total beginner. Yet, it's fun to knitting for whom wants to do something more than just knit and purl.  I believe Op. 6 is good as a step stone to the intermediate level.

If anyone ever finish this scarf, can you be kind to add to your project on Ravelry.  Your compliment and referral would be my best comfort and encouragement.  

Happy Knitting

So here it is. 
Op. 6.

Yarn A:      3/4 skein of Stitch Nation's Full O'Sheep color Aquamarine
Yarn B:      2 skeins of  SMC Select Brioletto color Natural/Undyed
Yarn C:     1 skein of Alpine Wool color Chili

US #9 (5.5mm) Needles
US #10 1/2 (6.5mm)Needles

204cm =             37cm + 118cm + 49cm  

Width:               A-17cm/B-22cm/C-14cm

Gauges:             Sect B 10cm X 10cm = 12 stitches X 22 rows (garter stitch)


K                            = Knit
P                            = Purl
Sl 2 WYIF            =     Slip 2 stitches purl-wise with yarn in front.  

Overall Structure:

Cast on 34 stitches with Yarn A with US #9 needles

Section A  X 43

Change to Yarn B with US #10 1/2 needles
Purl 1 row.

Section B X 264

Change to Yarn C with US #9 needles
Purl 1 row.

Section C X 45

Bind Off all 34 stitches.


Section A
Row 1:          <K2, P2>                                     X8 , K2
Row 2:          <P2, Sl2 WYIF>                            X8,  P2

Section B
Every Row:    Knit

Section C
Row 1:          <K2, P2>                                     X8, K2
Row 2:          <P2, K2>                                     X8, P2
P.S. Upsetting news: I just found out that Stitch Nation's Full O'Sheep yarn has been discontinued.  

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