Friday, January 18, 2013

Yarn Store on Divisadero

Hi Knitters,

Curious as usual, I wandered in the city and found another local yarn store in San Francisco.  Hahaha.  Aterlier it is called.

Compared to the one in Castro district, Aterlier is a rather tiny store.  The yarn collection is selective but all in good quality.   Although the store is not in a great size, they do carry needles in more than 3 brands and knitting accessories in an abundant amount.   

As a customer-friendly store, they even have needles in the counter and let their potential customers try to knit with them.  If I wasn't have something on my mind already, I would probably buy a pair of  Lantern Moon.  Maybe next time.

I understand that Aterlier, like many other local yarn store, offers knitting classes.  Residents in Bay Area, you may find this helpful:

Happy Knitting