Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bamboo Ewe

Hi Knitters,

Here is the yarn I think is gorgerous to work with and it's a very good deal to purchase one.  It's Stitch Nation's Bamboo Ewe.  I usually buy my Stitch Nation yarn from Beverly's.  They have great collection of budget yarn.  One thing I found disappointing is that Beverly's no longer offers Full o'Sheep.  Does anybody know why?  Anyhow, Bamboo Ewe contains 55% viscose from bamboo and 45% wool.  Made in Turkey.  

Bamboo Ewe's reasonable cost does not stop it from being a great yarn to knit with.  It's very widely used to knit items for babies.  The sheen on its surface brings out a unique appearance to the knitted items while its silky touch texture makes the knits perfect to be worn on sensitive skins.  (for people who are sensitive to 100% wool, it's a good news)

This is headband Op. 5.  The edge is knitted with Bamboo Ewe with needles US #7.  And it"s worn by my friend Teddy Lemon.  Pattern available in Ravelry as well as in Etsy.

This history of knitting bamboo is rather short compared to the one of bamboo's other usage:  making musical instrument, chopsticks, food, home building.... etc. etc. Anyhow in recently years, the development of bamboo yarn progresses in a rather quick pace.  

Wool is not the only material is goes along well with bamboo.  Bamboo does very well blended with silk, cotton, nylon, as well as others.  I sincerely hope that the usage of plants for yarn making will be the trend of this generation.  It is eco-friendly.  It opens up more possibility of the art of knitting.  Can't really think of any negative impact of developing bamboo yarn in more varieties.  Anyhow,


P.S. Yesterday I bought two skeins of  the Bamboo Ewe in two other colors: pink and grey.  Something new will come up soon.  Please stay tuned.

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