Sunday, December 30, 2012

Double Knitting & Lemon Tea

Hi knitters,

Staying Cozy?  I was enjoying a cup of lemon tea and a book.  A great book and a cup of warm lemon tea.  

The cute little knitted coaster was made a few years ago when I first learnt double knitting.  

According to Wiki, double knitting "is a form of knitting in which two fabrics are knitted simultaneously with two yarns on one pair of needles," and this feature is well demonstrated in the above photos. 

The texture of this two-layer item is proved to be very functional for a coaster.  Due to it's thickness, this square coaster which is made with cotton yarns absorbs spitted coffee or tea very well.  It can be placed on any flat surface such as desk and kitchen table.

To do double knitting, one have to know that it is a time consuming job.  You are doing double!!!  But it is definitely fun to do so.  It's always good to know new techniques.  I will try to squeeze some time to do it again.  How about you?  Are you ready for the challenge?


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