Monday, December 24, 2012

Yarn Tasting

Hi guys,

Merry Christmas!!!!  It's now holidays.  Everybody should be happy.  Although it rains like cats and dogs outside, I am still having fun inside doing yarn tasting and watching A Nightmare Before Christmas.  What a movie! What a holiday!  (I do wanna go see Les Misérables, and I heard that some members from a group in Ravelry will have a cinema meeting this Christmas seeing Lemis.)  Oh, the funny pic above was taken with an IPhone app called Manga Camera.  So funny..ho ho ho...

I'm testing some stitch patterns on the skeins which I bought a year ago.  Yes,  a scarf is in progress.  Hurray!!!

It will be a scarf with a combo of nice patterns as you see here.  Will show you more once I'm done with it.  Again, 


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