Thursday, December 6, 2012

Free Counting App

Dear Knitters,

I would like to recommend a free iPhone app for iPhone users.  It's simply called KNIT.
Press START:

First you add a project by pressing the "+ " sign:

Then you will be directed to this page:

Set up number of rows and stitches, then choose the category that you want to count.  In the above example, I chose to count the number of row for Op. 1 scarf project.   I then pressed the yarn ball on the right bottom corner:

Can you see the smile on the cute kitty's face and the change of yarn color?  It's red now!!! It means one row is done. How cute!!!!  Of course you can choose to count by stitch.  In the bar below the categories, there are three numbers: 1, 2, 10.  That's optional for one choose to count by every 1 row, 2 rows or 10 rows. So, do set everything right before you start.   

As shown in the right top corner, you can also take picture for your projects, take notes as well as setting the app. For more details, please go back to the homepage and press the little bar says "how to use".

This app is wonderful.  It's especially good for those, like me, cannot live without smart phone. One little thing I don't like about this app, is the long bar for ad.  Yeah, ads are as annoying as usually.  Well, it's a good free app.....hmm......  I'll stop complaining from now on.   Thank you cute kitty!!!!  And million thanks to the app developer!!!!!


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