Thursday, September 26, 2013

2 Weeks After: Little Thoughts on Click Turbo

Hi knitters,

I've been using the Addi's Click Turbo set for two weeks.  So far so good. 
Here are some thoughts about it.

First of all, the needles are, as it is renowned for, super!!!!

I have no difficulties knitting at all.  I can't knit in a turbo speed as I am a slow knitter.  Therefore there's no mean to boast that I became a rocket knitter by since the day I started using this Turbo set.  But I notice that my knitting has been sped up a bit.  It's probably due to the well-polished body of the needles. That may also because the light weight of the needles.  It's not super light.  But it's not heavy at all.  I feel comfortable with them. 

It was with the US#8 needles and 32" cord that I tried out the set.  I had no trouble doing ssk and some k2tog at all, which pleased me.  The tips of the needles are not as sharp as the Lace set, but they are good enough for stitch decreasing. Well, I haven't tried k3tog, thus no comment on that.  By the way, I was making Op. 16 cowl which will be discussed in another blog.

My motto as a designer is simple: Nothing is perfect.  And so is not the Click Turbo set.  I had very high expectation on the click, which is the selling point of this product.  Well, the joints are secure.  So far no accidents happen.  The security of this set satisfy my need, which was the exact reason I bought it.  (oh my expensive...yet so far no other product beat it)  However, something surprised me in an unpleasant way.  The process of 'clicking' is not a smooth one.  I never expect that as that's not what I saw in the advertisement.  I had found out this problem when I examined the set in the yarn store, but the sales representative told me it's 'normal', which means the product was manufactured like this.  Can't say I was 100% satisfied with the answer.  And I hesitated a minute before purchasing it.  I hope that once I have them used more often, the clicking will become easier.  I hope.

One thing you guys may be curious to know: the color of the cord.  I was told that the blue cord is for the North American market.  Well, I can confirm it as I just bought one myself from a US yarn store.  The red cord, as you may have seen on eBay for sale, is actually for the Asian market, as I was told by some participants of knitting forums.  That means once you buy the set, you don't have lifetime warranty if you live in the US.  Well, there maybe no warranty at all.  I understand the cheaper cost is attempting.  However, please reconsider it before purchasing.  I once thought about that too.  There is also a set with golden cord.  Yes, GOLDEN.  Sounds nice.  I was told that it's exclusively for the market for European.  Well, the manufacturer is from Germany.  I can understand why the color for European region is more precious...a bit jealous.  Again,the information provided in this paragraph is from a forum discussion, not from any official resources.  

Anyhow that's the end of a little review.  To have it documented more precisely, I would like to note again that this review is done after two weeks of trying the Turbo Click.  Perhaps will do another one if I discover something 'frensh' that I didn't share here.

P.S. The knit shown in this blog is the coming-to-be Op.17 Beret.  Stay tuned.

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