Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Yarn Review on Cascade's Longwood

Hi Knitters,

How's your Labor Day weekend?  Mine's quite boring.  Really hope to do something outdoor.  But before I step out of my door,  allow me to make one announcement and review on the yarn Op. 15 is made of.

Labor Day weekend special.  Everything is on sale on both Ravelry and Etsy. Price already changed for you.  No need for coupon.  Hope you find something right for you.

All right, review time.  About the Cascade Longwood.  It's a new release this year.  So soft to touch as it's made of100% superwashed merino.  And the color way #12 was exactly that i was looking for.  Longwood is made in China, and it is not cheap in terms of price.

Inspired by an outfit of Brown Eyed Girl in their MV "Kill Bill,  I originally planned to knit a poncho with four balls of it.  And I casted on two hundred something stitches.  As the label of the yarn suggested, I used US #8 needles.  I guess Longwood just doesn't get along too well with needles in that size.  The gauges doesn't look too good to me.   It should go with smaller needles.   And that's why I later switched to #6 and #7 Cubics while I did Op. 15.  

Moreover, I felt much more comfortable knitting Longwood with bamboo and wooden needles.  Perhaps it's not too slippery on those needles?  

One thing I do like to point out: you'd better not make any mistake while needle with Longwood.  I had undone the would-be-a-poncho and found it quite difficult to knit with the same yarn again.  It's not impossible.  It was just not a pleasant experience.   I always had my needles insert "inside" the yarn.  See the ply....  So loose........I mean it happens to some other yarns too.  It's just a shame: poor manufacturing with very nice material.

Anyhow, I managed to finish Op. 15 with a skein of Cascade's Longwood.  It is wonderful to wear the hat on.  Speaking as the wearer, it's  super comfy.  But Longwood is just not my favorite new yarn of this season.  I have returned the remaining three balls which I didn't use at all to the yarn shop and got some store credit refunded.  Wanna know what I got?  Stay tuned and 


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  1. I totally agree with your review. The ply on this yarn is so loose I'm finding that I have to take a crochet hook and pull the little loops sticking out of my stitches to the inside of my garment. I'm using Chiao Goo lace needles which makes it easier to get all the strands, but the yarn does slip off the needles more readily, so I have to be careful. If I'm having a problem with ply loops now, what is going to happen when I actually wear my garment? I won't be buying this yarn again.