Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Among Incredible Knits: Trip to Nine Rubies in San Mateo Area

Hi Knitters,

It's now Fall.  And winter is coming.  Ready for buying yarn without limit?  Well, I just got a few balls of yarn.  Op. 16 is gonna be something in purple.  Stay tuned if you wanna see how it will turn out.

A few days ago, I called Nine Rubies in San Mateo and asked the receptionist if they do carry Addi Turbo set.  She said yes and we drove all the way down there.  It turned out they only carried the Long Lace set.  I was 'tricked'.  To be honest with you, I was a bit pissed that I wasted some gas and couldn't get the product I was promised.   Well, maybe the receptionist was too new (As I overheard).  Anyhow, I stayed there pondering if I should just have bought that set and took a few minutes browsing around.  

I won't say their selection was hug.   But everything was displayed in good order and there were a lot of goodies.   What made Nine Rubies unique was their beautiful samples.  They are all neatly made by skillful knitters.  The gauges were even, stitches were beautiful...perfect!!!! It just made me wonder the incredibility of the knitter!!! 

Also, the tidiness of Nine Rubies made it high class and comfy.  It was designed to be a studio instead of a store.  Well thought.  And there was even a rectangular table for people to sit around and knit.  

Oh! How clean! How bourgeois! I love the setup of this store!  

At the end, I got one ball of Noro yarn.  No needles.  While I was paying, I asked the receptionist for permission to take photos.  She kindly agreed.  Thank you. 

Will I come back to Nine Rubies?  Yes.  There are many good restaurants around B street.  Will just drop in and pick  up something nice.  

Anyway, hope you find a nice local yarns store and


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